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I hired Keystone CPA back in 2014 after watching a few real estate Youtube video featuring Amanda Han as a speaker. I found her very knowledgeable about taxes, easy to understand, and friendly.

After many years of asking the same questions about how to save on taxes and not getting any satisfying answers, I decided it was time to take action and hire a new tax expert.

The decision to try someone new wasn’t easy for me as I am adverse to deal with anything to do with taxes — it is just a big headache as far as I am concern. And I am sure a lot of you feel that way too!

But, once I decided and move forward, it works out great. I submitted all my financial to Keystone CPA, and setup my initial consultation with Amanda Han to go over with her on all my concerns and questions. It was suppose to be an hour meeting. But I think the meeting ran for 2 hours. After the meeting, she sent me a comprehensive tax planning recommendations specifically for my situation, goals, and financials. I admit I haven’t go through all of her recommendations yet. But, I will get there! Bad habits die hard.

I enjoy working with Keystone CPA and Amanda. They have developed their own excel template on many tax deduction claims. They have excellent business system in place to serve their current clients. Aside from getting help with my taxes, I get to see what a well-run modern servicing company is like. Most communication and document submission is done online.

I think the size of her firm is ideal for small businesses and self-employed individuals like us.

Don’t forget to tell her that we recommended you to check it out.

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